Site Surveys

Onlitech provides a wide range of on-site tests and surveys that analyse any power problems you may have and determine the best power protection solution for your organisation.

Our experienced team of engineers are able to provide a free site survey, to offer you a choice of power protection solutions tailored to your requirements and budget.


The free survey is offered during normal working hours, and provided our service network covers the site location.


A typical UPS site survey will last around 1-2 hours depending on the size of the installation. Full recommendations and quotations will be provided after the survey has been completed.

Onlitech endeavours to assess the following areas during the survey:

  • Load size
  • Physical location and environment
  • Suitability for existing UPS and battery installation
  • Delivery route and logistics requirements
  • Remote monitoring requirements
  • Ongoing maintenance and technical support requirements
  • General programme of works and preferred installation timeframe

For locations with a UPS already installed, our site surveys provide essential advice on optimising your system. They help determine whether components such as batteries, capacitors, and fans need replacement. And if you’re planning to expand, our power surveys can assist with UPS sizing and efficiency.


While for new UPS installations, a site survey will cover key areas such as logistics, electrical installation, commissioning, training, and ongoing UPS maintenance.